Caring for aging parents with a terminal illness

Carers Compass is a holistic approach to planning end-of-life care for your loved one

  •  Are you overwhelmed because you don't know where to find the right type of help and support?
  • Are you frustrated with the merry-go-round you are getting from different care providers or support services and not sure who to trust?
  • Worried about your own health and well-being as you try to juggle work, life and caring responsibilities?
  • Anxious about how these extra responsibilities are going to impact your work/career, lifestyle and you most treasured relationships? 

Caring can be a challenge

Caring for an elderly family member with a terminal illness can be a challenge and requires much more preparation than most people think, especially if you are working and have a family of your own.

Most people feel unprepared as they start to consider the overwhelming tasks from the moment a doctor gives a terminal diagnosis to when your loved one dies.

We want to support you care during your loved one’s last stage of life – covering the key support you will need across what we believe are the 7 key pillars in the Continuity of Care – Medical, Legal, Financial, Community Support, Professional Services (Home Care, Residential Care, Palliative Care), Self-Care and End-of-Life Care.

Yes, there is a lot to consider, assess and organise to get the best care and avoid the overwhelm.

Balance is possible when you have the right plan and support in place.

Step-by-step help is available.

The Carers Compass Support Program is an intensive preparation for people who wish to achieve greater balance between work-life-care responsibilities. With a tailored roadmap, we help you be more empowered in the care of your loved one’s last stages of life. 

You will walk away from this program with:

  • A framework to help you create your own personalised integrated care support plan for your loved one across the 7 pillars of Care – saving you time and money.
  • A clear understanding of what you need to do and what and you can delegate so you don’t become exhausted, frustrated or overwhelmed.
  • Specific feedback on how to find the right type of care support and negotiate better outcomes with service providers to get quality care and support.
  • Confidence, knowing how to anticipate situations that might come up and be better prepared for any crisis.

Want to know more? 

Here’s what others have said …


It’s so helpful to have someone who can take you through the steps, highlight things to watch out for and provide suggestions on how to navigate care. There are so many questions and unknowns. Diane provided insight and guidance to help point me in the right direction. Knowing she had been there herself and was not tied to any one provider made her support more useful.  I feel a lot more confident to now start the next phase of our journey.

P Brooke

Geelong, VIC

I can’t believe you were able to connect us with a support group for both of my parents so quickly. I have been searching for months and couldn’t find anything appropriate within my parents’ local area. Thank you, it’s been such a relief.

Louis D

Sydney, NSW

It is very helpful just to talk to someone who has been through the process and to understand a few things to look out for.  I feel I can confidently move forward with some next stages now in our journey.

Jane T

Sydney, NSW

Diane helped guide us through the many pathways that need to be considered in the world of dementia and patient management. We were only just starting to discover the world of care and facilities available for our mum so having an expert as well connected as Diane has been an enormous benefit and relief for us all.

Phill & Jamie-Lea

Gold Coast, QLD